Lola is a young artist who never makes things like others. At the begining , she was born in Brazil and was adopted at 3 months. She lived a happy childhood with the love and patience of her parents. But it is necessary to admit that she was also a tormanted child. For proof, she spent one whole year without saying any words. An incredible thing because she is very talkative today. We could say that it is at this moment that she began to create her own universe.
At primary school, she is diagnosed dyslexic. It is really during this moment of her life that her artist’s soul came out by illustrating her stories, inventing stories and writing poems.

It is a few years later, there by spilling inconveniently some ink on a paper sheet that she had the idea to blow on the ink by making turn her sheet. By seeing that the result looked like a face, she has to repeat the experiment and to develop her own technique. From now , she blows with a straw on the China ink, and realizes the drawings you can see on this website.

Completely self-educated, she lives and makes her drawings according to her feelings, always in a joyful and colorful universe.